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Fall Newsletter | 2022

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) allowed families already covered by Medicaid to maintain coverage during the pandemic without having to renew. Such coverage has been critical to family wellness during uncertain times. It’s important to know that at the end of this month (October 2022), this extended Public Health Emergency (PHE) coverage ends and families currently on Medicaid will need to renew.

Our employee spotlight is timely and highlights the critical work of the Family Health Center to increase access to healthcare.

Tiniqua Wash, Case and Application Assistant Navigator/Billing Clerk, provides assistance for families needing to apply for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), along with other essential state programs. She will be a touchpoint for many families as they navigate the renewal process for Medicaid coverage or seek to apply for public health insurance. Read on to learn more about Tiniqua and how she’s making a difference.

Please describe your role at the Family Health Center?

I actually have a dual role. First, as Case and Application Assistant Navigator providing unbiased application assistance for patients inquiring enrollment in Medicaid, SNAP, TANF and HTW programs with Health and Human Services. I assist with any information concerning their application process. I help upload documents as needed and answer questions throughout the process.

My other role is as Billing Clerk within our Billing Department, assisting patients with insurance or financial related inquiries along with completing proper verification of the patient’s financial or insurance status prior to their appointment at the clinic.

What are some of the challenges you face? What do you enjoy the most?

Having a dual role has definitely taught me how to multitask. Having to continuously switch roles and following up on different items, I sometimes feel that I do not have enough work hours to get to everything. I have daily deadlines that must be met. Depending on priorities and bandwidth, certain things may be marked for later completion or require immediate attention. It can be demanding of my attention and takes lots of patience.

Overall, the thing I enjoy most is knowing that I am assisting our patients with what they need most, whether it’s to help resolve a billing question or qualify patients for additional assistance through state programs.

Why do you think the Family Health Center is important to the McKinney community?

We provide quality, appropriate, and affordable healthcare assistance needed by many people within our community. Being a patient at the clinic prior to working for the Health Center, I had found it hard to have a doctor with quality care that would see me without insurance. When I came to the clinic, I was in awe of the treatment and all the services offered.

Most of my patients call us a “one stop shop” after explaining all that we provide. Having the privilege to work for a health center that offers high quality, respect and patient centered services has truly been an honor.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of work, I enjoy fellowshipping at my church and having quality family time with my husband and daughter.


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